The history of mine

How did it start

Camelia Ahmadi is an Iranian artist. Before entering university she has enjoyed working in different artistic fields such as drawing, designing dresses, making crafts.

She has achieved her degree in Bachelor of Art from Alzahra university in Iran. Her degree is specifically relating to Persian Arts and Crafts. During her study she has specialized herself to learn more professionally about Iran's Arts and Crafts such as working with glass, carving wood, pottery, painting on silk, drawing and designing carpet and, painting in a classic style.


She is specialist in Persian paintings, gliding illustrator, calligrapher, and also a private art teacher.

She has started her successful career since 1997 independently and, since then her journey through the life has begun continuously via her inspiration to bring poetries and Persian stories to her art work.

The message

As far as I could remember, despite of different field I was studying in primary and, high school, somehow I was drawn unconditionally to painting.

Art was always my passion. To fulfil This honest position I applied and chose art for university. I was feeling this is the time to take my steps further as I was ready to expand my observation and, my viewpoints on this field. Also it was my desire to understand the concept of fingerprints! The unique art of each individual, minds, opinions, beliefs, hopes, wishes, desire and, expressing them in its own way. Let’s invite everyone to take a paint brush and creat it’s own masterpiece believing an effort is more beautiful than a victory!